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        Saturday 10-5 

All items are hand inspected and researched to assure   
Quality &Price
How our process works

We like to have as much variety as we can with items in the store. We specialize in motherhood to preteen. Anything you have (books, toys, shoes, equipment, furniture, clothing) you can bring in, no appointment necessary. We do buy out of season. Clothing sizes- Newborn to Size 10-12. To ensure maximum Payout, Wipe down and clean items. If you have a few items our team will go through immediately. Most people bring in bags/tubs full of items; we then have you fill out a drop off form. We ask for 3-4 days on average to process the items. We process items in order of arrival. We verify items work correctly, clothing is not stained or faded and items are not on CPSC recall list. Items we don’t buy, we return. We do give the option of donating the items we don’t buy to local charity. We call with a list of items we want to purchase with total of Cash or in Store Credit. When you come back in; we pay cash directly or we do 20% more in store credit. So, if we owe you $50 Cash that would be $60 in store credit. The store credit you can use on anything in the store and you can use whenever you want. We have a lot of people that like to build up their store credit and they can use at anytime. Selling items, we do try to maintain at least a 40% off of the items original NEW price. Our percentage CASH payouts are designed to payout just as much or more than people sell through garage sales. Clothing we do payout 20% store valueEquipment, furniture, and bigger toys we do pay up to 50% store value. Please feel free to accept our offer or ask for items to be returned. 

    We DON'T buy or sell breast pumps, used bottles, teething toys for sanitary reasons. 
To limit liability we DON'T buy Individual Car Seats. Stroller/Carseat Combos we do buy. 
Please feel free to contact us @1-620-603-6440